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Folder The Nagoya Protocol in Hungary

The Nagoya Protocol has been signed by the European Union, Hungary and several other EU Member States during the Hungarian EU Presidency in July of 2011. The document was signed jointly in the name of the EU by His Excellency Mr Csaba Kőrösi Ambassador of Hungary and His Excellency Mr Pedro Serrano Ambassador of the EU.

Hungary was the first EU Member to ratify the Nagoya Protocol in 30th April, 2014.

Our country has an outstandingly rich biodiversity in Europe, thus Hungary is both provider and user of genetic resources.


Important information for users of Hungarian genetic resources

Hungary has not yet established specific access measures for Hungarian genetic resources, therefore at the moment, there is no obligation to obtain PIC (prior informed consent) and MAT (mutually agreed terms) for their utilization.

The ABS Clearing House and this site is regularly updated on relevant measures and other information.

However, if a user intends to collect protected species, or collect anything on protected areas, it is important to take into consideration that this activity is allowed only for nature conservation or other public interest purposes and the nature conservation law requires a permission from the relevant county authority in advance.

The user might also need the prior permission of the landowner (e.g. the local forest management).




Folder A Nagojai Jegyzőkönyv végrehajtási szabályai és alkalmazása - Konferencia és workshop
File 2014. évi VIII. törvény
News Budapesten rendezett ENSZ workshoppal zárult a 2012-es év
Event Közép-kelet európai workshop a Nagojai Jegyzőkönyv végrehajtásáról (Budapest, 2012. december 11-13.)